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Meet the people who work in the studio and bring you creative workshops.

Heidi Michelle Woodmansee

Heidi is a watercolor and acrylic artist. She has always been crazy about flowers and surrounds herself with them in any way she can. Her work represents her love of nature and flowers. Heidi teaches watercolor and acrylic painting classes.


Adrienne Swanson

Adrienne is a local artist, whose favorite medium is oil painting. She loves to sit at the Santa Cruz Harbor and paint the scenery plein air. Adrienne offers courses in color theory, as well as other acrylic and oil painting classes.


Theresa Nelson

Theresa is the founder of Cultivated in Creativity and loves all things creative. She offers painting, jewelry making and other creative workshops, focusing on connecting with others, healing and community.


Janette Sergent Hamill

Janette is an encaustic artist who is inspired by nature and travel. The possibilities are unlimited when working with this medium of heated bees wax and damar resin and colored pigment. Janette teaches encaustic collage.


Rev Ryan Althaus

Rev. Ryan Althaus is a writer and founder of Sweaty Sheep. Ryan has published children's books and is writing a self-help book for those with eating disorders. Ryan offers workshops on poetry and writing.

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