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Who we are

We are dedicated to cultivating a community immersed in creativity.  Building upon the notion that by focusing on our common passions,  in this case creativity,  we transcend differences and build a stronger community.

We serve the general public and charitable organizations hosting creative workshops of all types. Schedule a private party at your preferred location or attend one of our parties hosted at local venues! We have hosted dozens of types of creative activities, so chances are if you're interested in a creative activity, we can host it for you!  All materials are supplied along with instruction. Visit our Contact page to get in touch with us to create your own perfect creative party!

Community Outreach

We are on a mission! Cultivated in Creativity offers free creative workshops to groups such as: individuals with autism, developmental and/or physical disabilities, caregivers and those in recovery from addiction. If you know of a group or individual in need of some creative therapy or If you would like to sponsor an activity for a special group or person, please visit our contact page to email or call Theresa at

Our workshops are sponsored by Urban Works. If you'd like to donate toward our efforts, please do so through this amazing nonprofit, whose mission it is to bring people together through art and recreation.

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